Group of garlic growers of Ukraine

A place to share experience and execute joint sales

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Why should garlic producers cooperate

Cooperation is important to increase access to external market and simplify our product procurements for import merchants abroad.

For farmers

Sharing experience within association allows to reduce costs, whereas joint sales activities help to increase revenue and expand to new markets

For supermarkets

Working as a group of manufacturers we provide constant deliveries of garlic directly to distribution networks

For import merchants

Operating as a manufacturing network, we can guarantee and maintain high quality of garlic and its certification. We can also simplify customs procedures

Our joint achievements:

The share UkrUp in garlic exports to the EU in 2018


The share UkrUp in garlic exports to the EU in 2019


Increase in garlic exports from Ukraine for 2015-2019


Who we are and history of our development

We initiated the association and a farm enterprise that specializes in growing of Ukrainian garlic. In the early days of little agricultural business experience, we faced lack of knowledge about growing agricultural crops as well as their certification, sales, storage etc.

However, we have met many active and positive people who struggle to develop their small agricultural businesses. Every manufacturer obtains unique knowledge and background. Besides, each has own potential and trade ties.

Hence, we came up with an idea to gather all our experience and create a useful service. Its main goal is to support and help each association member develop successful agricultural business. This is how our community UkrUP was founded and became the best place for Ukrainian start-ups in agricultural sphere. Now we are glad to invite all agricultural manufacturers to join us and succeed together.

Our goals and dreams

The main goal of our community

Is to get a long-term and steady access to foreign markets for Ukrainian farmers. We also strive to provide our customers with the best Ukrainian products for reasonable prices

The purpose of our online service

Is to create a place where manufacturers can share information, their knowledge, services and build new trade ties. Furthermore, it is a perfect medium to introduce and display our products to customers.

Our dream

Is to establish close rapport with our farmers to achieve a huge promotion of Ukrainian products on overseas markets. We want every member of our association to use own production background and sales insights to achieve mutual goals since we can do more working together and heading in the same direction