We produce and sell

dried garlic

To buy call or text by WhatsApp + 3 80 67 446 5295 Anna

By phone and WhatsApp: + 3 80 67 446 5295 Anna 

From Ukrainian garlic

We do not use Chinese, Indian garlic etc.

Selling by manufacturer

In our cooperative there are two garlic processors

Proper storage

Sealed packing without moisture access

You can buy such dried garlic as:

Сушеный чеснок, чесночные хлопья (чипсы, слайсы)

Garlic slices (flakes, chips)

Сушеный чеснок, чесночные гранулы

Dried garlic in granules

Сушеный чеснок, чесночный порошек

Dried garlic in powder

Application of dried garlic

Garlic flakes – used mainly for canned soups, salads, hamburgers, pizza and other fast foods, when the appearance is important and the texture of garlic is desirable
Garlic chopped (size 3 – 5 mm) – more used in various food supplements, when a strong taste and aroma are desired. It is mainly used for marinades, sauces, canned food, cooked meat or vegetables, dry mixes products
Garlic ground (size 1 – 3 mm) – usually used for sales packaging in retail stores and used in sauces, salad dressings, , canned and prepared foods, meat, dry mix puddings
Garlic granules (size 0.5 – 1 mm) – mainly used for sauces, seasonings, gravies, salad dressings, cheese snacks, etc. Packed in bundles of spices alone or in mixtures with other spices, salt
Garlic powder (size 100 – 150 mesh) – is widely used in soups, sauces, seasonings, mixes, meat products, canned meat and vegetable products, cheese, crackers, snacks, prepared foods, butter spreads.

To buy Ukrainian dried garlic from the manufacturer:

call: + 3 80 67 446 5295 Anna