2017 Year in Review: China’s Fresh Garlic Exports

  According to customs statistics, from January to November, China’s export volume of garlic reached 1.80 million tons and accrued a value of USD 3.11 billion.


Garlic in Greece. New season.

  Depending on the region, the new season for Greek garlic is still gaining momentum.


Argentina, San Juan. Slowness supply to international markets

  External sales of garlic are not moving at the pace that was expected at the beginning of the current campaign.


India. More demand for garlic; sowing doubles in Gujarat

  AHMEDABAD: Sowing of garlic in Gujarat has reached a record high jumping by 111% above the mean sowing area of 86,000 hectares (2011-16) tilled for garlic in the state. Farmers are taking to the crop as it is less water-intensive than other crops like cumin and coriander, and also because it has been fetching better prices riding on greater consumer demand.


Lively demand for Italian garlic

  Despite the fact that retailers support Italian fruits and vegetables, local garlic production does not fully cover domestic demand, so Italy needs to import.


Reducing the garlic crop in Castilla-La Mancha and the rest of Spain

The crops of garlic in Castilla-La Mancha and the rest of Spain declined due to the drought. This is one of the main conclusions made by the Assembly to the National Bureau of garlic (La Mesa Nacional del Ajo), held in Las Pedroneras, Cuenca (Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca). Especially the drought has affected  the two main production region of Castilla –

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The price of garlic in China. The reasons for the fall in 2017

  In recent years, the price of garlic in China is subject to large differences due to increased production, combined with other factors. We study the reasons for a fairly strong fall in the price of garlic in 2017.


Garlic production transitions from North America to South America

Supplies of garlic in the US are in the midst of a gap at the moment as the season transitions between the California and Mexico seasons, and the South American season. However, the majority of garlic grown in South America is less favorable to the US market and therefore prices will continue to be high. 


Ukraine will become one of the leaders in the production of garlic in the EU?

  More and more agricultural producers in Ukraine show interest in garlic production. Despite the fact that this country has to travel a long way before becoming one of the largest garlic producers in the world, it can very easily become one of the 5 leaders in the EU – freshplaza.com reports.


Review of the world market of garlic 2017

  After China experienced a difficult season last year and the production was lower, many countries saw their chance to increase their market share. This year China came back with a large volume and is claiming its place on the world market again. These brands include the exporters in Peru. Other countries see opportunities in garlic cultivation, there are growers in Dominican Republic and

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