Indonesia introduces new rules for the export and import of garlic

  In order to promote the national plan for the development of the local garlic, the Indonesian government has revised the provisions of article 11 of the “Recommendation on the Import of Fruit and Vegetables” of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture.


USA. Difficulties of local garlic producers

  President Trump’s promises of tougher enforcement of U.S. trade laws has triggered the filing of an unprecedented wave of new antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions in the past few months. The U.S. already has many 397 AD and CVD orders in place, going back as far as 1977.  These orders cover 157 different products imported from 43

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Greece. Harvesting of garlic. Turmoil with prices

  The other day is being completed harvesting garlic in several regions of Greece – Nea Vyssa Platykampos.


The influence of macronutrients on the cultivation of garlic

NITROGEN Role of nitrogen It is part of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, alkaloids. It is especially necessary in the initial periods. The deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and its effects When the nitrogen content is insufficient, the leaves wilt, acquiring a pale green or yellow-green color, the plants become tough, with short narrow leaves. In the future, the top

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Peru. Manufacturers of garlic have high expectations despite the decrease in world prices

  Previous years, the leading export companies in Peru, such as White Lion Foods, had profitable trades due to the high prices for garlic. As expected, prices had to remain high this year.


Canadian garlic growers is developing seed certification

  The certified program will help to create a basis for measures of pest control and diseases of garlic, which are transmitted through planting material.


Summer festivals of garlic

  Several annual festivals of garlic will be held in the USA and France this summer.


Spanish garlic market is experiencing export difficulties because of low prices in China

  The garlic production sector in Córdoba is having a difficult time because of  falling prices on the Chinese market. Spanish producers believe that the export of local garlic will gain its momentum when China will freed from the excess of its garlic.


Greece increases the import of Egyptian garlic

  According to Ahmed Adel, a specialist in marketing and sales of the Egyptian company Stars of Export (which exports garlic to Greece from 2015 year), many other companies are reluctant to have business with Greece, mainly because of the last financial crisis.


Turkey. Heavy rains cause concern for garlic producers

    In the last few days, in one of the most important regional center for garlic production the Kastamonu area continues to heavy rain.