Benassal celebrates the Garlic Festival on February 10


One more year and going back to tradition, Benassal will celebrate the Carnival weekend the Garlic Festival. 


This celebration recalls when the travelers and merchants of the town, known as ‘traginers’ returned to the municipality on Carnival afternoon. Currently, the celebrations have reduced their duration, from three days to one day, but still keep all the tradition and meaning of the date.

Thus, next Saturday February 10 the municipality will remember the lives of their ancestors in a special day of Carnival. The day will begin at 11.00 am with a lunch based on ‘pastissos’ and ‘barreja’ that will take place on the porches of the town hall.

At 14.00 hours neighbors and visitors can enjoy the typical dish of this date so indicated in the Benassalense calendar: garlic. This dish is a sauce of garlic, cod and egg, mixed with bread and soaked in wine. The food will be held in the covered pavilion and then the Street Group will arrive.

At 19:00 the entrance of the muleteer will be celebrated that will cross the main streets of the municipality. This character, dressed as before, represents the person who mounted on a horse or a mare headed the entrance to the town of merchants with their new products. Next, the ‘tea’, as pine wood is known, will be lit and the Ball Plan will be danced in Plaza España.

At night, at 11.00 pm, residents and visitors will change their clothes to become funny, different, colorful characters and eager to have a good time in the costume parade that will be enlivened by the Vi, Festa and Bureo charanga.

The Carnival and the Garlic Festival in Benassal will conclude with a disco and the Luxe Orchestra.

It should be noted that you can buy tickets in advance for lunch for 15 euros and for food, the disco and the orchestra for 18 euros. Also, the prices at the box office will be 17 euros for food, 20 euros for food, the disco and the orchestra and 7 euros for those who only want to go to the disco and the orchestra. This year’s Carnival celebrations are organized by the Quintos 2018 and the Ladies 2017.


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