Hungary has long been a garlic producer, but the competitiveness of Hungarian products is not strong enough. To improve the situation in the Hungarian agricultural chamber has established a working group, whose task is to promote the sale of Hungarian goods in the domestic market of the country.


At the same time, to meet the needs of the market, the use of foreign garlic is not completely excluded. Local garlic comes on the shelves at the end of August and can be purchased until January. Therefore, imported garlic is planned to be used in the off-season.


Cultivated areas

Last year,  garlic was grown jn 915 hectares.

The harvest of garlic was about 6-8 thousand tons.

85% of the production area is located in the city of Csongrád.

In recent years, the sown areas have been gradually decreasing.


Export and import

Hungarian exports and imports are relatively small.

On average, only 1-2 thousand tons are sent abroad. However, on an annual basis only 600-800 tons of garlic are exported. These supplies go to neighboring Romania and Slovakia.

Import, usually from China – is about 1400 tons annually.


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