The certified program will help to create a basis for measures of pest control and diseases of garlic, which are transmitted through planting material.


Garlic industry in Ontario province is working on creating cleaner seeds, which should help reduce the transmission of the disease with garlic cloves.

According to Joann Chechalk, president of the garlic growers Association of Ontario, there are currently no certified seeds in Canada. Spain and some other European countries have already achieved results in the creation of such seeds. However, Canada is still behind in this regard.

The problem with seeds is that they are waiting until the next planting season is too long. Due to the fact that garlic clove is a softer seed, with a thin plant cover (compared to hard covering of most seeds, such as corn, soy beans), the most of the problematic garlic diseases are transferred by their seeds.

According to Michael Celetti, a horticultural specialist of the Ministry of agriculture, food and rural affairs (OMAFRA) because of the lack of certification programs, it is not known which the pests are found in seeds (nematode, fusarium etc.). If there is a program of certified seeds, producers will buy seeds that are already clean from pests.

“The nematode is the main disease of garlic that spreads through its seeds. Once the nematode is listed in the soil it is very difficult to cope with it. This pest is inside the head of garlic and when you deliver the infected garlic, you are selling the problem”, – continues Michael Celetti.



The problem lies in the fact that the symptoms of nematodes can be seen in June, when the garlic begins to put the arrow (hardneck). Garlic begins to wither, and leaves become brown.

Specialists of OMAFRA are working on the research of problem of this pest.

While the certification program continues to be developed, Michael Celetti continues to work on seed treatment, but to get the approval of the Agency for regulation of pest control remains a challenge.

According to Michael Seletti, despite the absence of a certified program, the quality of the seed garlic has greatly improved in Ontario. However, the garlic producers still need the support of the provincial government, by developing a certified seed system for them.


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