Garlic growing


The Onion leafminer – onion and garlic pest

The Onion leafminer it is a small fly, a pest of garlic and onions. Vital bows Minera produces as reducing the yield and reduce the presentation garlic. Read the description and methods of struggle.


Rust of the garlic. Photos, description, how to control

Rust of the garlic it is a disease which is the causative agent of rust fungi Puccinia alli (synonym Puccinia porni). Also rust impressive onions, leeks, bunching onion.


Bacterial soft rot of garlic and onions

    Bacterial soft rot (so – called wet rot) is a disease that primarily affects the bow but can also develop and garlic. The causative agent of the disease is the bacterium Erwinia carotovora (and several others) that enter the plant through injury.