Garlic in Greece. New season.

  Depending on the region, the new season for Greek garlic is still gaining momentum.


Review of the world market of garlic 2017

  After China experienced a difficult season last year and the production was lower, many countries saw their chance to increase their market share. This year China came back with a large volume and is claiming its place on the world market again. These brands include the exporters in Peru. Other countries see opportunities in garlic cultivation, there are growers in Dominican Republic and

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Greece. Harvesting of garlic. Turmoil with prices

  The other day is being completed harvesting garlic in several regions of Greece – Nea Vyssa Platykampos.


Greece increases the import of Egyptian garlic

  According to Ahmed Adel, a specialist in marketing and sales of the Egyptian company Stars of Export (which exports garlic to Greece from 2015 year), many other companies are reluctant to have business with Greece, mainly because of the last financial crisis.


Perspectives of Greek garlic

  The Greeks intend to expand the production of garlic to provide domestic market, despite the fact that Chinese and Spanish garlic cover the needs of the country.