Argentina: Garlic surface grows and export prices to Brazil decrease

    This season, the area planted with garlic amounted to 10,550 hectares, i.e. 14% more than in the previous cycle. Meanwhile, the drop in the price of exports to Brazil in the last 6 months is alarming, as a box has gone from $ 25 to $ 12 dollars last September, according to the Rural Development Institute (IDR) of

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Argentina, San Juan. Slowness supply to international markets

  External sales of garlic are not moving at the pace that was expected at the beginning of the current campaign.


Review of the world market of garlic 2017

  After China experienced a difficult season last year and the production was lower, many countries saw their chance to increase their market share. This year China came back with a large volume and is claiming its place on the world market again. These brands include the exporters in Peru. Other countries see opportunities in garlic cultivation, there are growers in Dominican Republic and

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Argentina: area sown with garlic increases by 50% in San Juan

  After a couple of years where this vegetable knew years of splendor, it bottomed out, making the sowing of garlic news again in the province for the second consecutive season.


Argentina. San Juan exports 70% of its garlic production

  Due to the high production of garlic in province San-Juan, Argentina is one of the leading exporters of garlic in the world.