Review of the world market of garlic 2017

  After China experienced a difficult season last year and the production was lower, many countries saw their chance to increase their market share. This year China came back with a large volume and is claiming its place on the world market again. These brands include the exporters in Peru. Other countries see opportunities in garlic cultivation, there are growers in Dominican Republic and

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Brazil is progressing in the production of garlic, reaching a yield of 20,200 tons

  Garlic producers of the state of Santa Catarina collect an average of 10 tons of garlic harvest per hectare in 2016 and 2017. At the same time, the performance of garlic increased by 63.2% despite the reduction in acreage this year.  


Brazil. In the domestic market of garlic is growing concern

  Garlic producers are starting a new campaign with some concerns about what could happen in the country’s economy in connection with the political movements in Brazil and the connection with imports of Chinese garlic to the country at very low prices. The situation is predicted to be unchanged in the new marketing season 2017 – 2018.