Benassal celebrates the Garlic Festival on February 10

  One more year and going back to tradition, Benassal will celebrate the Carnival weekend the Garlic Festival. 


Reducing the garlic crop in Castilla-La Mancha and the rest of Spain

The crops of garlic in Castilla-La Mancha and the rest of Spain declined due to the drought. This is one of the main conclusions made by the Assembly to the National Bureau of garlic (La Mesa Nacional del Ajo), held in Las Pedroneras, Cuenca (Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca). Especially the drought has affected  the two main production region of Castilla –

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Review of the world market of garlic 2017

  After China experienced a difficult season last year and the production was lower, many countries saw their chance to increase their market share. This year China came back with a large volume and is claiming its place on the world market again. These brands include the exporters in Peru. Other countries see opportunities in garlic cultivation, there are growers in Dominican Republic and

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The price of Spanish garlic is below its cost of production

  Despite a good production of Spanish garlic in past years, this season started unsuccessfully.


Spain: “We have been forced to delay the marketing of garlic”

  The Spanish garlic campaign kicked off a few weeks ago with the marketing of the first Spring and Spring violet garlic, and now preparations are underway for the harvest of purple garlic, which is the most representative in Spain because of its organoleptic properties.  


Spanish garlic market is experiencing export difficulties because of low prices in China

  The garlic production sector in Córdoba is having a difficult time because of  falling prices on the Chinese market. Spanish producers believe that the export of local garlic will gain its momentum when China will freed from the excess of its garlic.


Spain. Increasing the quality of the garlic harvest by using laboratory techniques

  In the municipality of Vallelado, province of  Segovia, after six years of laboratory work, scientists were able to release planting garlic from fungi and bacteria.


Spain. 400 hectares of garlic were affected by hail

According to the Association of companies in the agricultural insurance Agroseguro, last week in the region Castile-La Mancha hail affected 416 ha of garlic. In general, 184 fields with different cultures in this region were affected. Also, this number isn’t ruled out, as experts continue to conduct on-site inspections.


Spain expects a record harvest of garlic

  The National Association of manufacturers and distributors of garlic ( ANPCA ), conducted the assembly, during which it analyzed the current situation of growing and marketing of garlic. Noting that this year due to favorable weather conditions and increasing acreage, a record harvest is expected – 220,000 tons of high quality garlic.


Spain. The start of harvesting of white garlic

In may 16, 2017, a white garlic picking company started on a farm in the province of Malaga – Vega de Antequera, Spain.