Poor California yields and Chinese supply issues cause tight garlic market

   Production of garlic around the world is on the rise thanks to farmers cashing in on limited supplies in recent years. Much of the increased production is due to the fact that more land is being used for growing garlic.


The price of Spanish garlic is below its cost of production

  Despite a good production of Spanish garlic in past years, this season started unsuccessfully.


In Estonia will pass fragrant garlic festival

  The fragrant event – the garlic festival – will take place next weekend in Kuremaa, bringing together the Estonians, for whom the piquant spice has become a special way of life, and offering the public “mountains” of garlic – marinated and soaked, green and black, as well as onions, garlic cream and other spices.


Chinese garlic exports experience substantial growth

  Garlic is a bumper crop this year, but the price has fallen sharply. The wholesale price is now below 6 Yuan (USD 0.89) per kg, which is down more than 50 percent year-on-year. However, recent customs data shows a separate pattern for the export price.


Czech Republic. Deficit of garlic because of the drought, a slight increase in prices

  Local producers are concerned about the lack of Czech garlic this year. The biggest concern of the farmers from southern Moravia, where drought lost up to half the harvest. The Czech demand for garlic continues to grow. The price is slightly increased.


Tatarstan. Almetyevsk farmers will compete with Chinese suppliers of garlic

  In the Almetyevsk “Vegetable Valley” plan to move the Chinese garlic on the shelves of the country.


Argentina. San Juan exports 70% of its garlic production

  Due to the high production of garlic in province San-Juan, Argentina is one of the leading exporters of garlic in the world.


The popularity of Italian garlic on the rise

  “Over the past twenty years we have managed to promote our garlic not only in Italy but also abroad. Over the past decade, the popularity of Italian garlic has increased significantly. It is now important to stabilise the position of our garlic.”  


Rise in prices for Czech garlic

  Czech garlic probably will rise again. Since this year harvest is less than last year. The reason for this is a drought and hail.


USA, Connecticut. Farmers are impressed with the size of the garlic crop

  This year, in the Western Granby, Connecticut, thanks to good weather conditions during the growing period, farmers had a plentiful harvest of garlic with unprecedented sizes of  garlic bulbs.