Indonesia. A major smuggling of garlic and onion from China has been prevented

  July 20 the Bureau of Customs seized on three 40 feet containers of onions and garlic worth $ 4.2 million at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) after it found that not all of the agricultural products were covered by an import permit.


Spain: “We have been forced to delay the marketing of garlic”

  The Spanish garlic campaign kicked off a few weeks ago with the marketing of the first Spring and Spring violet garlic, and now preparations are underway for the harvest of purple garlic, which is the most representative in Spain because of its organoleptic properties.  


Brazil is progressing in the production of garlic, reaching a yield of 20,200 tons

  Garlic producers of the state of Santa Catarina collect an average of 10 tons of garlic harvest per hectare in 2016 and 2017. At the same time, the performance of garlic increased by 63.2% despite the reduction in acreage this year.  


Indonesia. The ban of 43 garlic importers

  In connection with the rising prices for garlic in the local market, the Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol issued an administrative order banning prohibiting 43 importers from delivering garlic to the country.


China. Review of prices and of export market

  Prices decreased by 75,52% compared with the first half of this year.  The highest price was of 9.60 yuan per kg ($ 1,41). As of the beginning of July 2017 the wholesale* price of garlic is:


Crime news from France and India

    France. Stolen 10 tons of white garlic On Friday 07 of July, in the municipality of Grignan  were stolen 10 tons of white garlic left by farmers on the ground to dry. The amount of damage makes more than 30 thousand euros. On the memory of the local farmers such cases did not happen before. Over the incident the

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Indian scientists have developed a cheap garlic storage system

  Scientists of the Kota  Agriculture university  have developed a cost-effective storage system of storage of garlic which costs only 1 Indian rupee ($ 0.02 US) and allows store 900 quintals of garlic in a ventilated chamber, which is divided into eight tiers. It can preserve the produce for eight months compared to the current three months. The University also provides farmers with 50% subsidy.


Indonesia introduces new rules for the export and import of garlic

  In order to promote the national plan for the development of the local garlic, the Indonesian government has revised the provisions of article 11 of the “Recommendation on the Import of Fruit and Vegetables” of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture.


USA. Difficulties of local garlic producers

  President Trump’s promises of tougher enforcement of U.S. trade laws has triggered the filing of an unprecedented wave of new antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions in the past few months. The U.S. already has many 397 AD and CVD orders in place, going back as far as 1977.  These orders cover 157 different products imported from 43

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Greece. Harvesting of garlic. Turmoil with prices

  The other day is being completed harvesting garlic in several regions of Greece – Nea Vyssa Platykampos.