Brazil. In the domestic market of garlic is growing concern

  Garlic producers are starting a new campaign with some concerns about what could happen in the country’s economy in connection with the political movements in Brazil and the connection with imports of Chinese garlic to the country at very low prices. The situation is predicted to be unchanged in the new marketing season 2017 – 2018.  


Spain. Increasing the quality of the garlic harvest by using laboratory techniques

  In the municipality of Vallelado, province of  Segovia, after six years of laboratory work, scientists were able to release planting garlic from fungi and bacteria.


Peru increases the export of fresh garlic

  The exports of fresh garlic represent a significant increase in Peru. According to Agrodata Peru website, Peru exported 5 785 165 kg of garlic for $ 8 509 018, FOB  ($ 1.65 per kg) in the period from January to April 2017.  


China. The decline in the prices of garlic by 30%

  According to the latest statistics of the market, within just one week the price of garlic in China is rapidly declining.


Cervical rot of garlic. Description, photos and ways of dealing

Cervical rot of garlic– a disease of garlic and onion caused by the fungus Botrytis (Botritis allii). The disease causes garlic and onions the most significant damage during storage.


Spain. 400 hectares of garlic were affected by hail

According to the Association of companies in the agricultural insurance Agroseguro, last week in the region Castile-La Mancha hail affected 416 ha of garlic. In general, 184 fields with different cultures in this region were affected. Also, this number isn’t ruled out, as experts continue to conduct on-site inspections.


Spain expects a record harvest of garlic

  The National Association of manufacturers and distributors of garlic ( ANPCA ), conducted the assembly, during which it analyzed the current situation of growing and marketing of garlic. Noting that this year due to favorable weather conditions and increasing acreage, a record harvest is expected – 220,000 tons of high quality garlic.


Perspectives of Greek garlic

  The Greeks intend to expand the production of garlic to provide domestic market, despite the fact that Chinese and Spanish garlic cover the needs of the country.


Indonesia. Detained 182 tons of contraband garlic

  On may 17, in Marunda city, North Jakarta, police arrested three people on suspicion of smuggling 182 tons of garlic imported from China and India.


Granula metric soil analysis and its application to agronomic practices

    Information here makes it possible to more thoroughly understand the question — how to find and analyze the soil for growing garlic, and what characteristics of growing on various types of difficult soils.