Sale of materials of the Conference on growing garlic 2016

All necessary information for successful business in garlic

Experience and knowledge sharing – three universities, scientists, farmers and skilled newcomers

Garlic needs Ukraine

  • 10,000 tons of garlic annually imported to Ukraine
  • $ 8 million is going to garlic growers to China, Egypt, etc.
  • Consumers appreciate more local garlic

World needs Garlic

  • 81 000 kg of garlic exported in 2015
  • Our garlic in the Baltic States, the Netherlands, Canada
  • foreign consumers also do not favor China

Together more effectively

The vacancies in the domestic market allows producers of garlic focus on the exchange of experience is tough competition.

The offer

The proceedings of the conference on the cultivation of garlic, which was held in Kiev on September 10-11, 2016, namely:

  • video recording of all performances for two days
  • all the presentation slides of the speakers
  • book Lviv national agrarian University on the technology of cultivation of garlic

Example of the video

Example of slides

Book about garlic

Issues addressed at the conference

The first day

  1. The collector’s gene pool ecological forms of garlic Ukraine. / Dika Ludmila/ Leading specialist Lviv national agrarian University
  1. Risks of growing garlic. Varieties, technologies and regions. / Popova Lyudmila Nikolaevna/ Candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor, Odessa state agrarian University
  1. Biological features and technology of cultivation of winter garlic / Ulianich Helena / Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of vegetable growing of Uman ‘ national University of gardening
  1. Risks of growing garlic. Look experienced garlic grower. /Vlasenko Vladimir / President manufacturers Association of garlic Ukraine / Dnepr
  1. Productively grown garlic. Practice. /Marianyc Vadim A. / OOO “Artel agro”
  1. Requirements for Ukrainian producers to export garlic and other products/ Jacek Austen/ Expert in the field of agricultural logistics, co-owner of OOO “YASA foods” (Poland)

Day two

  1. Cooperation in garlic business / Marchenko Andrey /”UkrUP”
  1. The formation of the export strategy for the garlic to foreign countries / Caipeckyi Alexander, Alexander Kolesnikov,/ chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
  1. World experience of application of remedies of garlic /Tarasenko Oleg / Adam Ukraine
  1. Process map / business plan for the cultivation of garlic / Morozova Anna E. / “UkrUP”
  1. Features of drip irrigation for garlic /Filippov Dmitry A./ OOO “Irrigation Service”
  1. Mechanization of cultivation of garlic JJBroch appliances / Marchenko Andrey / “UkrUP”

Phictures from the conference in 2016

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Speakers presentation slides
book about growing garlic

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