Greece. Harvesting of garlic. Turmoil with prices


The other day is being completed harvesting garlic in several regions of Greece – Nea Vyssa Platykampos.


Nea Vyssa

Has more than 1200 hectares of cultivated areas of garlic.

In connection with the May rains, production in this region decreased by 10%. As expected, the average yield will be about 12 tonnes per hectare. As for prices, they are at the same level of the previous year and they are EUR 2,7 per kilogram of fresh garlic EUR 3 – 3.5 per kilogram of dry garlic.

Some of the products have already been booked, but there are also free volumes that will be supplied to local markets and also exported to the markets of Bulgaria, Cyprus and Germany.


Harvest was completed with good quantitative and qualitative results.

However, the first euphoria from the recurrence of last year quickly passes. The movement of products is problematic because of the unfair competition which prevails in the region. So, from З500 hectares of garlic grounds, only 1500 hectares, are registered in the state system.

Since the legitime producers, who supply their products to the local markett, carry out the necessary state deductions, insurance, taxes on sales income, their garlic cost higher. Illegal producers neglect these laws and distribute their products cheaper. Wholesale buyers prefer to buy cheaper because they can compete with retailers in this way.

However, local wholesale buyers of Athens, canceled one by one their orders and agreements with the permanent producers in anticipation of the final price formation on the part of manufacturers.

Under such conditions legitime producers are afraid that the garlic will be sold at prices below cost under such conditions.

Currently, they prefer to wait for changes in market conditions. Which, in their opinion, should come with the intervention of the state by enforcing the implementation of its laws.



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