Greece increases the import of Egyptian garlic


According to Ahmed Adel, a specialist in marketing and sales of the Egyptian company Stars of Export (which exports garlic to Greece from 2015 year), many other companies are reluctant to have business with Greece, mainly because of the last financial crisis.


This kind of thinking of the majority has allowed the Egyptian company Stars of Export, to meet the current demand of Greece in the garlic.

Since Greece is quite close to Egypt compared to Europe (the supplies take about 3 days by sea), exporting garlic to Greece from Egypt is not a difficult task.

Last year, Stars of Export was the only Egyptian company which exported garlic to Greece. Due to the high quality of products and good prices, this company has established itself as a monopolist within the year.

This year the company increased its exports to Greece from 3 to 5 containers per year.

Greece begins to produce its own local garlic in mid-June, which gives Egyptian garlic a few months to increase its exports.

Egypt exports to Greece fresh purple / red garlic, from February to mid-April and dry purple / red garlic from late April to late June.


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Posted by Andrey Marchenko

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