II Garlic conference 2017

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Thecnical documents The formation of solutions. Planning for the future.

All necessary information for a successful garlic business

Forum objective 1

Discuss with practitioners and scientists the most successful solutions in the cultivation of garlic. Learn the experience of garlic production in Spain and China

Forum objective 2

To acquire specialized knowledge of professionals (chemicals, disease diagnosis) for growing quality garlic harvest 2017

Forum objective 3

To expand the ways of realization of the grown crop, for what to study the requirements for garlic: for export, for supermarkets and for processing

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Materials of the Second forum of garlic producers UkrUP, which was held in Kiev on March 4-5, namely:

  • Video recording of all speeches in two days
  • All presentations-slides of speakers
  • Book of the Lviv National Agrarian University about the technology of growing garlic

Overview video

Example of slides

The book about garlic

Issues discussed at the Forum

Day 1 – 03/04/2017

  1. The strategic potential of the agrarian market in the cultivation of niche crops. / Trofimtseva Olga / Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration Issues
  2. Successful decisions in the cultivation of garlic in Ukraine / round table with representatives of agrarian universities of Ukraine:
  • Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine / Ulyanich Elena Ivanovna / Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department
  • Institute of Vegetable and Melon Farming of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine / Muraviev Viktor / Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Deputy Director for Research of
  • Lviv National Agrarian University, Ukraine / Dika Lyudmila / Leading Specialist
  1. How to make the right decisions in intensive technology of garlic production / Vadim V. Dudka / Director of LLC “AgroAnaliz”, Ukraine
  2. European experience of using plant protection products for garlic / Nikolai N. Dovgal / Technical Manager for Vegetable Crops Syngenta Україна
  3. How to choose a quality planting garlic for autumn 2017 / Vlasenko Vladimir Vladimirovich / President of the Association of Garlic Producers of Ukraine
  4. Presentation of the German-Ukrainian project “AgroTrade of Ukraine” / Andr. Pilling / Project Manager
  5. World trends: Review of the Fruit Logistic exhibition in Berlin and the main conclusions of the Second International Garlic Congress in Madrid / Morozova Anna / LLC “AC UkrUP “, Ukraine.

Day 2 – 03/05/2017

  1. Practical opportunities for finding a counterparty and exporting garlic to the EU / Bogdan Shapoval / Director of the Council for Food Export (UFEB)
  2. The modern success of agricultural cooperation in the world / Olga Romaniv / TM Gardens of Prykarpattya
  3. Requirements for the quality of garlic cultivation for further processing / Merezhenuk Vadim Anatolievich / LLC “Artel Agro”
  4. Garlic nutrition system and the use of growth regulators / Sverida Viktor / MPP Firm Eridon
  5. Irrigation systems of garlic: subsoil, sprinkling, drip / Dmitry Filippov / Company “Poliv Service”
  6. Practice of growing garlic in Spain. Experience of using Spanish technology / Saranyuk Sergey / Agroindustrial association Agrarnik
  7. Mechanization in garlic. Presentation of Ukrainian technology / AGROMAP / Suprun Yuri 1. Practical Search Options counterparty and export of garlic in the EU / Bogdan Shapoval / director of the Council on food exports (UFEB)

Pictures from the Second Forum garlic growers. Spring 2017

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