Indian scientists have developed a cheap garlic storage system


Scientists of the Kota  Agriculture university  have developed a cost-effective storage system of storage of garlic which costs only 1 Indian rupee ($ 0.02 US) and allows store 900 quintals of garlic in a ventilated chamber, which is divided into eight tiers. It can preserve the produce for eight months compared to the current three months. The University also provides farmers with 50% subsidy.


According to Gautam K. M., professor of agriculture university “the need to develop such a cost-effective system arose after the cultivated area under garlic and production increased manifold. As it’s a new crop, the farmers have no traditional means to safeguard the produce. So, we intervened”.

The system has a chamber in a hut form made up of bamboos. The cost of building 15×30 feet structure, covering an area of 600 sq ft, comes to around 1 Indian rupee. The farmer will cost to build a similar structure around 10 rupees ($ 0.15 US).

“The crop is ready for harvest by March. The following months of April, May and June are very dangerous for the crop as the temperature reaches 48 degree Celsius in the area. The chamber that we have created has ventilators and is slightly above the surface so as to enable air circulation,” said Gautam.

The structure has an estimated life of about 10 years. “Barring the roof, which needs to be changed every second year, the structure has a life of 10 years,” said Gautam. The storage system has been on display at the Anta Centre of Research, KAU. So far, 20 farmers have approached the university for building the system.


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