Indonesia introduces new rules for the export and import of garlic


In order to promote the national plan for the development of the local garlic, the Indonesian government has revised the provisions of article 11 of the “Recommendation on the Import of Fruit and Vegetables” of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The approved amendment came into force on 1 July this year and will affect Chinese garlic producers from Zaozhuang city of Shandong province, which export their products to Indonesia.

The new rules include two aspects.

At first, the amendment returns the quota for the import of garlic. The new rules establish that the importer of garlic is required to request a quota from the Ministry of agriculture of Indonesia, since it can sell garlic only on the basis of this quota.

Secondly, exporting companies must be approved by the appropriate agricultural inspection (in particular for the necessary certification). As indicated, exported garlic should be inspected by the inspection company Societe Generale de Surveillance.

Currently, Indonesia is at the peak period buying Chinese garlic. Average export price of garlic decreased from $ 176 000 per ton to $ 88 000 per ton. The cost of one kilo of garlic from China is about $1,76. However, the new rules will affect the price of garlic in the direction of their increase.


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