Lively demand for Italian garlic


Despite the fact that retailers support Italian fruits and vegetables, local garlic production does not fully cover domestic demand, so Italy needs to import.

In 2014, Italy had sold half their crop abroad and imported the same amount. High-quality certified garlic is exported abroad, and the imported product is supplied at low prices and of lower quality.

Ettore Navarra, sales Manager at a manufacturing company Le Aie tells us that the company produces certified garlic varieties Aglio di Voghiera Dop. “The quality is good, and the yield is 10 to 12 tons per hectare (dry weight). The dry conditions of this season had no consequences for production, and the manufacturer even managed to solve problems with the Fusarium.


Ettore Navarra

“I’m not a big market expert, but I know that Italy produces less garlic than it consumes, so there is always a market for local products. Only the price changes, and it should not fall below € 2.50 for packaged products. The quality of foreign garlic is always cheaper due to lower costs (and higher yield per hectare), and there are manufacturers that reduce prices. ”

Retailers usually look at the origin of the product, but pay less attention to the Protected designation of origin (PDO). This predicate is also not enough promoted in the foreign market. Consumers don’t know the difference. They are familiar with the predicate of the DOC wines, but PDO says nothing to them. Fortunately, they quickly notice that this is a good product.”



An international garlic conference was held in (Sulmona) in March, where the current situation was discussed and a common strategy for the future was developed. For example, there is a need for European coordination to standardize the use of active principles.



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