Onion hoverfly on the garlic. Description and how to fight with it.


Onion hoverfly this is flies which damages the garlic. To observe for a possible emergence of this insect on the field of garlic is needed at the end of may — beginning of June.



Onion hoverfly — description


Onion hoverfly (Eumerus strigatus Fall.). This is a fly with a length of 6.5-9 mm, shiny, greenish-bronze color. On the sides of the abdomen are three bright spots in the form of a Crescent.

The eggs are white, elongate-oval with a length of 0.8 mm.

Larvae are grayish-yellow, wrinkled, up to 10-11 mm.

False cocoon (puparium) grayish color, 6-8 mm in length.

Onion hoverfly damages the onions, garlic, daffodils, tulips, and sometimes the underground stems and tubers of potato, parsnip, carrots and other plants.


луковая журчалка (цибулива дзюрчалка) муха вредитель лука и чеснока фото



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Onion hoverfly — a way of life


Hoverflies overwinter in the bulbs on the field and in storage, mainly in the form of larvae, less often — pupariums.


Flies of the observed in late may — early June.

On the garlic at this time is about 6-7 leaves.

The female lays eggs on the bulbs and around them. The egg development lasts 5-10 days.

The larvae that hatch from the eggs, dig inside the bulbs (onions) and grow inside resulting in the bulb rotting and is usually completely destroyed.

Despite the fact that the larvae of the onion hoverflies can attack healthy bulbs, they prefer to reside in follicles that are already damaged, for example, stem nematode, root rot, onion fly.

Through 18-25 days the larvae pass from the plants into the soil where they become pupae.

In July, fly flies of the second generation, the larvae of which damage the onion and garlic for late planting dates.


луковая журчалка (цибулива дзюрчалка) муха вредитель лука и чеснока фото




Onion hoverfly – how to deal with it

 The measures are the same as in the fight against onion fly.


Agronomic measures

  1. The crop rotation
  2. The use of healthy planting material
  3. Deep autumn plowing autumn


Control measures on privates lands/fields.

During the summer flies it can be treated a crop of garlic tincture pine extract (200 g/10 l of water) or tobacco (400 g /10 l of water). The substrate is rinsed with hot water, infused for two days and filtered.

In the period of oviposition, the soil along the rows dusted with tobacco dust or a mixture of it with lime (1 : 1), (1-2 kg per 10 m2). To this mixture you can add bitter ground pepper (0.5 teaspoon)


личинка луковой журчалки (цибулива дзюрчалка) муха вредитель лука и чеснока фото



Chemical control measures


The economic threshold of damage that is 3-4 eggs per plant of garlic when you lose more than 3% of the plants.

For spraying you can use the following drugs:

  • Anzio, the production of Syngenta, Switzerland, (141 g/l Thiamethoxam 106 g/l Lambda–cyhalothrin), pocessing of 0.18 l/ha 2 times in 14 days
  • Karate Zeon, the production of Syngenta, Switzerland (50 g/l Lambda–cyhalothrin) treatment 0.2 l/ha 2 times in 10 days

A little humor from the onion producers:


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