We grow garlic, Dec 2016

Winter is the time to gain knowledge on growing garlic, presentations of their capabilities, communicate with fellow colleagues.


In early December we took part in the conference “Vegetables and fruit of Ukraine-2016. Profitable solutions.” On small displays we presented varieties of garlic are grown on our farm and the farms of our community. The first time we presented processing products garlic – garlic slices (chips).

It should be noted that cultivation of garlic in this conference has been given a lot of attention, a thematic report has two speakers.


8-10 December we took part in the III International Congress “Ukrainian garlic. Expanding dimensions of quality.”

A very interesting meeting with garlic farmers the UK, the Baltic States, Israel, and of course Ukraine. We met leading, in our opinion, garlic farmer in the world – Colin Boswell , view his website www.thegarlicfarm.co.uk is a very stylish products from garlic.

Also at this time, we are actively processed materials on the cultivation of garlic, the results of which was the creation of an online Catalog of diseases and pests of garlic see our website this link


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