Rise in prices for Czech garlic


Czech garlic probably will rise again. Since this year harvest is less than last year. The reason for this is a drought and hail.


Farmers began harvesting of spring varieties of garlic in the spring. And according to their calculations, the garlic crop decreased by 20% compared to last year. The collection of late varieties of garlic begins in August. And then it will be known exactly how much the price of Czech garlic rose this year.

According to manufacturers, the situation may be better than the spring varieties. Since the summer drought was not as strong as the spring drought. However, it is expected that prices will still grow.

In early summer, the price of garlic was about 140 CZK per kilogram ($ 6.27). Local producers believe that prices will rise by 10 to 20 CZK ($ 0,45 – 0,90).

Most of the increase will affect ordinary consumers, as prices for wholesalers and exporters are fixed in advance by contracts.

Czech producers are bred varieties, which are named after the kings in the Czech Republic. Among the most popular spring varieties of garlic is Charles IV. Popular because of its spacy taste and size.

Czech garlic is exported to Romania, Slovakia and England. The company last year exports of 98.5 million CZK ($ 4 411 027). For comparison, in 1999 it was for only 3.5 million CZK ($ 156 793).

The main importer for the Czech Republic is Spain.


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