Several annual festivals of garlic will be held in the USA and France this summer.


17 – 18 June already held the 36th annual Northwest garlic festival in Washington.

In the program of the festival 58 suppliers presented a wide range of garlic and products from it (sauces, spices, street food), as well as various hand-made garlic products.

The festival was accompanied by live music from local performers.

A total of 2,296 visitors attended a two-day event organized in the Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce.


July 28-30, in Gilroy will host one of the oldest garlic festivals.

The garlic festival in Gilroy was started in 1979 and now known worldwide as a platform for the food fair, with lots of garlic food, live music and family entertainment.

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On June 23, will host the 3rd annual festival of white and purple garlic in Peyrolles-en-Provence region.

50 local producers will offer garlic and other local food products.

Visitors will be entertain by live music, competitions and tasty dishes for tasting.


July 23 will be the 23rd annual festival of white garlic in Lomagne region.

For all time the festival gathered about 15,000 visitors. Events – the official world championship for cleaning the garlic, cooking and tasting of traditional soup with garlic, culinary competition and tasting.

This year about 1000 guests are expected.

Prices: 2 € / adult. Free for children.


26-27 August to festival of purple garlic is preparing Cadours region which also will present its local garlic.

As reported local Internet publishing, garlic is grown in this region for almost 2000 years. Planting conducted in November, harvest in the second half of June. Dried and assembled in a pigtail garlic inspires local handicraftsmen to the creation of various works. Which will be also presented at the festival.

Free entrance.


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