The export price of Chinese garlic continues to decline


The export season for garlic began in June and ends in late March next year. Traders buy a large quantity of garlic at the beginning of the season, which leads to an increase of supply in the market of garlic. This accumulation of the product has led a decrease in the export price for Chinese garlic“, says Annie Chen, the representative of Chinese company-exporter Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd.



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“At the moment, the export price of garlic is still falling, which increases the risks of Chinese producers and exporters. This situation will probably continue until the Chinese new 2018. Current storage volumes will increase compared to last year, which could lead to increased pressure on the market in the coming months. ”


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the Garlic store


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“We buy high-quality garlic in Jinxiang Count, and then we sell it under our own brand “Fenduni “. We export our garlic through the Qingdao port to the countries of the Middle East, Africa and South America. To meet the demand of our customers as much as possible, we plan to offer different types of packaging in the future, where we will look at how consumer behavior varies in different countries, “concludes Annie Chen.


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