The popularity of Italian garlic on the rise


“Over the past twenty years we have managed to promote our garlic not only in Italy but also abroad. Over the past decade, the popularity of Italian garlic has increased significantly. It is now important to stabilise the position of our garlic.”


With these words Neda Barbieri, the President of one of the largest garlic consortium Aglio di Voghiera Dop, opened the conference for local garlic growers, which took place in Voghiera in the province of Ferrara, Italy.

The consortium includes more than 30 manufacturers and has an area of 200 hectares.


Neda Barbieri

Ettore Navarra, producer and technical coordinator of the Consortium adds that after serious problems with nematodes, which have harmed the quality of the harvest, much has been done to develop a healthy crop.


Ettore Navarra

“As phytosanitary measures we have taken immediate measures to combat the problem. We came to the conclusion that manufacturers often use infected planting material. Then we developed an action plan: 1) tests, 2) soil analysis, 3) selection of planting material, 4) applying appropriate methods of growing and harvesting” – continues Maria Giovanna Curto.

Thus, over the past four years, managed to get healthy crops of garlic.



According to Emanuele Coletti, a representative of the garlic company Aglio del Nonno, a cooperative was also established to help members. “As individual garlic companies, we have made little progress. However, by working together and cooperating with other regions, we were able to achieve a successful retail trade, as well as enter the international market.”



In Emilia-Romagna there are 76 000 active garlic companies. Just last year, were registered 9000. This year were created 300 000 jobs. Therefore, the production of garlic plays such an important role.



After the event, the guests visited the company Aglio del Nonno and Mazzoni (supplier of industrial equipment in Italy).

In addition, was named the date of the 20th annual fair garlic , which will be held on August, 4-6 in Voghiera in the province of Ferrara, Italy.



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