Tobacco (onion) thrips on garlic. Ways of dealing with it



Tobacco (onion) thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman) is a very common pest that damages onions, garlic, cucumbers, watermelons and cabbage (over 100 species).



Description of tobacco thrips


Tobacco thrips has an elongated body (up to 0.8-0.9 mm) light yellow or brown with narrow wings with a fringe of hairs along the edges.

The eggs are small, with a length of 0.25 mm and a width of 0.15 mm.

Larvae by body shape similar to adult insects, but are smaller and have no wings. They first whitish, later greenish — yellow color with the beginnings of wings.

Scientific name is a Thrips tabaci, that is, tobacco thrips, but in the world its more common name as the Onion thrips (English: Onion thrips on Spanish Trips de la cebolla).


Табачный (луковый) трипс круным планом на зеленом листья. Луковый трипс. Фото



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Tobacco (onion) thrips – life cycle


Tobacco thrips overwinter in plant debris under dry scaly remnants of garlic or onion, as well as in the upper layer of the soil. In storage thrips overwinter under the scales of the garlic, continuing to damage it.

On crops is beginning to appear in early may, the mass — in the hot summer in early June, with a cooler summer in late June.

After additional feeding after wintering females lay eggs one by one into the plant. The female can lay about 80 eggs 3-4 a day. One thrips may breed a fairly large generation because females do not have to mate to lay eggs. From unfertilized eggs to be hatched thrips females.

In the egg the embryo develops within 6-7 days.

After emergence from the egg the larva feeds on plant SAP. The development of larvae occurs 8-10 days after which they move into the soil to a depth of 15 cm where after 4-5 days turn into winged adult thrips.

The adult thrips emerge from the soil out and attack plants.

Development of one generation of thrips in the southern regions of Ukraine continues 14-30 days, and in the North and cool weather — stretched.

During the season the thrips can give 6-8 generations.

After harvest onions and garlic when the warmer weather the flies thrips on cabbage, cucumbers, various herbs.



Video — life cycle of thrips


Табачный (луковый) трипс на зеленом ростке лука. Луковый трипс. Фото




The influence of the tobacco (onion) of thrips on garlic


Settled primarily tobacco thrips in the leaf axils of garlic and later in inflorescence and sucks the SAP. Harm caused mainly larvae.

The leaves appear whitish-silver spots during a heavy damage merge. Leaves are distorted, turn yellow and die, starting from the top, and on them you will notice small dark dots in the excrement of the thrips.

Thrips prefer to feed on young plant tissue on the newest leaves. When pre-damaged sheet grows, caused by tobacco thrips damage increases, resulting in a blank space in the sheet surface.

Follicles formed small, the yield of planting material is reduced and it have a low germination rate.

Besides onion thrips can carry viruses and fungi that can damage the garlic. For example, the fungus Alternaria porri that causes purple blotch on onions or garlic.

During storage onion sets and garlic at a temperature of +18°C, the thrips feed and reproduce throughout the winter, reducing commodity and crop quality crops. Damaged bulbs during storage rot.



video — how to look like the tobacco thrips on onions:



Tobacco thrips control measures


  • The crop rotation
  • Removal of plant residues
  • Deep autumn plowing in the fall to destroy overwintering pests.
  • Disinfection of planting material

Табачный (луковый) трипс - повреждения на зеленом ростке лука. Луковый трипс. Фото



Temperature over 40 °C is fatal for tobacco thrips. Therefore, it is possible such measures of disinfection of planting material of garlic or garlic in storage:

  • Dry heating garlic up to temperature 42-43 °C for 2 days
  • Moist heating the garlic at a temperature of 45 °C for 10 minutes or 50 °C for 5 minutes. This measure, incidentally, also contributes to the death of nematodes in the planting garlic.

Табачный (луковый) трипс - повреждения на зеленом ростке лука. Луковый трипс. Фото



The economic threshold of 3% infested plants.

Insecticides to combat tobacco (onion) thrips:

  • Karate Zeon, the production of Syngenta, Switzerland (50 g/l Lambda–cyhalothrin) treatment 0.2 l/ha
  • Fastak, produced by BASF, Germany (100 g/l alpha-cypermethrin) treatment of 0.1 — 0.15 l/ha


On this video the full life cycle of thrips

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