Ukraine will become one of the leaders in the production of garlic in the EU?


More and more agricultural producers in Ukraine show interest in garlic production. Despite the fact that this country has to travel a long way before becoming one of the largest garlic producers in the world, it can very easily become one of the 5 leaders in the EU – reports.


The development of garlic production in Ukraine is developing with the support of the Ukrainian government, as well as local investors who increase production and expand new markets.

“I believe that the quality of our garlic is very suitable for processing companies. Ukrainian garlic has a high content of Phytoncides, giving it a spicy and pleasant smell”, – said the independent gardening consultant Maxim Kulik.

This season, Ukraine produced more than 200,000 tons of garlic. Manufacturers show a greater interest in converting to modern varieties, especially as it is more difficult to sell traditional varieties, such as Lubasha, Guliver, Spas and Prometey, because they are virtually unknown on markets outside the region.

“We have the opportunity to replace the cheap Chinese garlic, and we are a strong competitor to the more expensive garlic from Spain,” – said Maxim Kulik.

The low domestic price this year (about 1 Euro / kg), encouraged manufacturers to to look for new export markets. Many growers are interested in developing foreign sales, however, they must constantly improve quality, sorting and packaging.

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