Despite forecasts of excellent prospects for increasing the export of Ukrainian garlic this season, so far Ukraine has demonstrated a significant deterioration of the international trade balance for these products. According to Info-Shuvar, in July 2016, we almost did not import garlic, whereas in the same month of 2017 Ukraine imported almost 170 tons of this product. The whole volume was imported from China.


It should be noted that under the influence of relatively cheap imports, the prices of garlic in Ukraine were significantly sifted in July. The increase in the supply of Ukrainian winter garlic also exerted a downward pressure on the prices of the domestic market, however, it did not affect the volume of exports, unfortunately. On the contrary, compared to last July, Ukraine reduced the supply of garlic to export by almost 15%. According to Info-Shuvar, in July 2017, less than 13 tons of Ukrainian garlic were sent out and Belarus was his only buyer.

According to Info-Shuvar, in July 2017, the average price for garlic on the wholesale markets of Ukraine was 25-40 UAH / kg (0.83-1.33 EUR / kg). Chinese garlic was offered by a large group of 25-30 UAH / kg (0.83-1.2 EUR / kg), and Ukrainian farms agreed to sell the crop even at 18-20 UAH / kg (0.72-0.8 EUR / kg).A year ago, the garlic in the country’s trading platforms cost at least 1, 5 times more expensive.

The overall strategy for the development of the garlic industry in the conditions of Ukraine will discuss 9 – September 10, 2017 in Kiev, during the “the Third forum of producers of garlic“. The event is organized by the cooperation of garlic “UkrUP”.


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