USA, Connecticut. Farmers are impressed with the size of the garlic crop


This year, in the Western Granby, Connecticut, thanks to good weather conditions during the growing period, farmers had a plentiful harvest of garlic with unprecedented sizes of  garlic bulbs.


A local farmer, Gary Cirullo, informs the press that this season a good harvest brought a “German white hardneck garlic” and the size of the bulbs is surprising even to Gary.

According to him, this size of bulbs competes with those found in grocery store. Also, Cerullo noted that this variety of garlic is good not only for cooking but also used as seeds. And its farmers – buyers remain very pleased with the high productivity of this variety of garlic.

This year the crop will be harvested within the next two weeks and another two weeks will be left for drying.

A good time to buy garlic, says Cirullo is the August, because garlic is the freshest at this time.


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